Case Studies

3M Company

12101 Barber Greene Drive, DeKalb, IL

Property Details

277,000 SF

The Venture One development team prides itself in being able to meet the needs of our customers by delivering the high quality buildings, on time and on budget. Nothing speaks more to customer satisfaction than repeat business. Between 2005 and 2016 our team delivered five buildings for 3M. These buildings total over 2.5 million square feet.

In 2005, Venture One acquired a vacant 1950’s construction crane building on 55 acres which had once been owned by Caterpillar to build tractors. Caterpillar had spent significant capital to construct 43 exterior docks and the building had good ceiling heights of between 24’ and 55’ clear. However it also had the following issues for distribution:

  • Column spacing every 20’
  • Uneven floor from 50 years of manufacturing use
  • No ESFR capability
  • Over 30 cranes ranging from one to thirty tons in five crane bays

Venture One created a redevelopment plan with Keeley Construction to renovate the building for distribution use. Significant work was completed in the building to remove cranes and obsolete equipment, reconfigure electrical systems, upgrade the fire protection to a Class 4 system, and recondition the warehouse floor to provide a level surface. The entire 277,000 square foot warehouse was leased to 3M for distribution. The remaining 25,000 square feet of office was renovated and leased to National Bank of Sycamore.